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  • Kollárova 7, Hustopeče
  • AC Hustopeče

    About us

    A family church in a small town believing that God has a great plans.

    As congregation we are members of Pentecostal church in Czech Republic (called Apoštolská církev, a member of Assemblies of God; more about our denomination is at apostolskacirkev.cz/eng).

    What we believe

    We believe

    1. that the Bible – Holy Scriptures – is the only inspired, infallible and authoritative Word of God
    2. that there is one eternal God existing in three persons: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
    3. that God is eternal, almighty Creator of heaven, earth, and whole universe and all of life
    4. in divinity of Jesus Christ, his conception of Holy Spirit, his birth of the Virgin Mary, his sinless and perfect life as a man, in his suficing sacrificial death on the cross, in his ressurection, ascension to the Father’s right and in his second coming in power and glory.
    5. that Holy Spirit is also God, he was sent on the Day of Pentacost that marks the beginning of Christ’s living Church on the Earth and that he works today in the same power




    Karel Fridrich


    Apoštolská církev, sbor Hustopeče
    Kollárova 7
    Hustopeče, 693 01

    +420 519 431 633



    Twitter: @achustopece
    Facebook: AC Hustopeče